2013 Annual General Meeting

A general meeting of the Museum will be held on Wednesday, March 27th at the Beaver Bank – KINSAC COMMUNITY
CENTRE – at 1583 Beaver Bank Road, Beaver Bank, N.S. Doors open 7:00 – Meeting 7:30PM

The guest speaker will be Mr Ken Beanlands – retired from Newfoundland Lands and Forests after a 42 year career. He began his career in Nova Scotia with the Lands and Forest Department but,  after being exposed to Newfoundland’s loan of Canso Water Bombers to N.S., he went to Newfoundland for the summer and made his career there.

Ken has had a fascinating career, is a pilot, has been an aircraft owner, and has also been involved with the recovery of Hurricane and other aircraft wrecks. He has a slideshow presentation, is an excellent speaker, and we are indeed pleased he has agreed to be with us.

This is chance to also hear about the progress of your Museum and to meet again with others who share your interest in ACAM. Our thanks go to Brian Chappell for making the arrangements for the location and the guest speaker. We hope for a large attendance. Refreshments will be served. Brian’s directions to the meeting location follow:

  • Turn onto Bedford Hwy or Hwy 101
  • West from Bedford interchange at TCH 102.
  • Continue onto Hwy 101 – 4.7 Km to
  • Beaver Bank Road exit off 101 – then turn onto
  • Beaver Bank Rd (signs for NS-354 N)
  • Destination will be on the right – 8.7 Km

– 1583 Beaver Bank Road – Beaver Bank, N.S..


February 2013 News Update

For a complete newsletter please download this file 

In 1978 a group was brought together by Robert G Grantham, a current Life Member of ACAM, to form the Atlantic Canada Aviation Museum Society. The Atlantic Canada Aviation Museum, as we now know it, was formed immediately after. Now, some 35 years later, this volunteer Museum has grown to be a significant preserver of the rich aviation history of this region. Thanks to the dedicated efforts of so many who volunteer their time and efforts, the Museum continues to develop and to provide Nova Scotia with a volunteer institution of which it can be truly proud.

The year 2012 saw continued improvements in the Museum displays and restorations. Unfortunately December also saw
the passing of long time Curator, and Museum founding member, Reg Clarke. His dedication will long be remembered.


“With spring in the near future, once again it is time to get our hands dirty at the Museum. One big project is the  fabrication of 70 plus pylons to hold the new barrier chain that will enclose our display aircraft, aero engines, and other large items.

Argus simulator, and various engines is also taking place. Other projects will include new displays, completing ones already started, organizing the amazing Reg Clarke collection of models, photos, books, and other historical items. Reg, you will be missed, and yes, we will take good care of your collection and display it in the manner that it deserves.
Dave McMahon


reg1It was with the greatest of regret that members and supporters of ACAM learned of the passing of long time Curator Reg Clarke at the QEII Hospital on December 25th following a severe stroke.

When the Museum was founded Reg immediately became Curator. Since then Reg has been fully involved in all aspects of the Museum operations serving many years as Curator as well as in many administrative roles including primary contact
with other Museums, Museum Associations, and Municipal and Provincial Governments.

reg2Since then he has continued fully involved in ACAM affairs – his home was a virtual extension of the Museum. If one called his home the first greeting would be from Joyce – he would be summoned from his basement work space – and then, while waiting, one would hear of the latest exploits of “my Reggie”. The love and respect this wonderful couple, married for some 60 years, had for each other was always so obvious. Reg served for many years with the RCAF Auxiliary in radar operations also as an instructor with the Air Cadet movement.

He loved everything aviation related – in the words of Chairman Dave McMahon – “I don’t think I have ever met anyone with as much passion for aviation as Reg”.

And in the words of long time Museum member Dr John Christie – “Certainly the most knowledgeable aviation historian in N S and beyond” – and – “it is certainly true to say that without him there would not have been a viable Society or Museum”.

Reg was employed with M T & T for 46 years beginning in administrative support roles and  retiring as a Certified  Engineering Draftsman with supervisory responsibilities. Unknown to many, Reg was an accomplished drummer having once had his own band.  He also, on one occasion, played with Don Messer’s band at an event where the regular drummer became unavailable! Reg was dedicated to his church having served as an elder for many years.

Throughout all these years he has been virtually the heart and sole of ACAM’s operations.

We have been so fortunate


June Museum News

The Museum opened on May 13th for the normal summer season with a change this year being the absence of the HRM Tourist Information Bureau. We again have two summer students provided through Federal and Provincial summer student employment programs. Returning are Adrienne Mirabelli and Geoff Matheson who were both so very effective for us last year. This will ensure our staffing until September 3rd. With the usual attendance of Museum volunteers on weekends we will be staffed for the full weeks of the summer season. Again this year we thank Michael White for making it possible for the Museum to be open from May 1st. On this day some 43 people visited and our thanks to other members who assisted him. If there are any members who wish to assist in guiding tours they are most welcome.

Gift Shop Manager Dave MacMahon reports that the shop is well stocked and looking forward to a busy season. Among the new features is a display of nicely prebuilt donated models that are being offered for sale. They are well displayed in several cabinets in the shop. These make fine display items. The shop also has a large supply of plastic model kits many of which are older models not easily available. There are many other items of aviation and Museum interest.

Musuem News Fall 2010

This has been an eventful season at the Museum. Visitations have been satisfactory and the Gift Shop has experienced a very good season.

We again thank Michael White for his taking on responsibility for the operation of the Museum during the month of September when summer staff are not available.

We also thank Ron Cunningham and Don Hirtle for their support of Michael when large tour groups were involved.

The Museum expresses its appreciation to all who have shown their support through the payment of membership fees and have in any way supported the development and operation of the Museum. We may have missed acknowledging some Membership payments and, if so, we apologize and will ensure that any missed acknowledgements will be resolved shortly.

Many challenges face your Museum as we move ahead not the least of which is the possibility, which we hope will not develop, that the Visitor Information Center operated by the Halifax Regional Municipality may not be continued in 2011. This could be a result of budget difficulties as being experienced by many jurisdictions.

To all who have supported the Museum in any way in 2010 we offer our sincere thanks and wish all our members and supporters a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year as we move into 2011.

ACAM’s annual general meeting was held on September 26th followed by a BBQ. Items of concern were discussed and the following Board Members were elected.

Mike Garvey, Charles Baxter, Brian Chappell, Reg Clarke, Jim Johnston Dave Wilson, Joe Macdonald QC,  Michael White, Gary McMahon,  Ron Cunningham, Jim McCombe, Wayne Cochrane, Dave McMahon

Chairman Mike Garvey informed the Board that he wished to step down after serving in this  position since 2003.

Chairman Mike Garvey addresses the meeting During his term of office Mike concentrated on the administrative side of the Museum with very considerable success. He also managed to resolve a number of concerns particularly as related to the Museum’s all important relations with the Halifax Regional Municipality and the Province of Nova Scotia.
During his term Mike was able to promote resolution of serious problems of building condition which threatened the future of the Museum. These required replacement of a major section of the roof and wall structure of one section of the former Provincial Tourist Information building. Many other improvements were achieved including major upgrades to the water supply system.

These required major actions on the part of the Province as building owners along with very considerable involvement of Museum members. The former Information building, a critical part of the Museum facility, houses the Silver Dart Gallery, the Gift Shop, archives, and administrative offices. Mike’s contributions to the advancement of the Museum are much appreciated as is his continued presence on the Board

Chair’s Update March 2010

“I would like to start by thanking Frank for his hard work in producing our Newsletter.  It is a most valuable means of keeping all of us informed of the progress that ACAM is continuously making and pointing out where we are and where, with hard work and good fortune, we intend to go.

After a successful year, a few of us (wish there were more) are planning and preparing for the coming season. Dr John Christie is preparing an exhibit that will commemorate the seventieth anniversary of the Battle of Britain which will be the occasion for a grand opening ceremony. I hope that anyone that can make a contribution to that very worthwhile effort will come forward.

As you are all aware our relationship with the HRM Visitor Information Centre is vital to our summer visitor flow. HRM is currently conducting an analysis of the value of these centres.  We are determined to do our utmost to retain a centre at the Museum.  I anticipate some bumps along the road but we will persevere.

As you may have already noticed, our web site under the direction of Michael White has been upgraded considerably. This will be a major benefit in attracting visitors and, we hope, add to our membership. Thanks to the efforts of some very dedicated members ACAM is going from strength to strength.  I again appeal to anyone who may have some spare time to come forward. Your help is needed and it will be a worthwhile experience.”
Mike Garvey

Musuem Progress Report from our Fall 2009 Newsletter


While all of these events were underway much was also being accomplished by our dedicated Museum volunteers on the many projects underway. To give them full justice they will be reported on, with photos, in the Winter edition of our Newsletter

Among these were:

  • Raising aircraft on jacks to  unload tires
  • Continued restoration of the  Cessna L-19
  • Completion and delivery to  the  Museum of the Piper PA-38  Tomahawk as restored  in   Fredericton
  • Continued restoration of the  Jetstar interior
  • A remote control aircraft model to demonstrate flying control actions
  • Painting of the CF-101 Voodoo on external display
  • Many incidental, but vital, improvements in Museum displays


We were extremely pleased to have a  virtually complete photo record of our many displays presented to the Museum.  The photos were extremely professionally done thanks to the work of Jennifer McKinnon. Jennifer is the cousin of Colin Wilmshurst who is the prime mover of our L-19 restoration project .

Jennifer trying out the cockpit of the Avenger

(Photo – Colin Wilmshurst)

It is planned that many of these photos will appear in the Museum Website and will appear in the Newsletters as various displays are discussed.

Jennifer – please accept our sincere thanks for a job so very well done.

See our full Newsletter in pdf format here

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We have also added a Facebook site for the many pictures and images we have gathered over the years

T-33 Cockpit Move Fall 2007

In late October, our team relocated the T-33 cockpit from the Silver Dart Gal lery to the MacLoon Gallery as part of the Silver Dart Gallery Renovation proj- ect. To move the cockpit to its new location with the CF-100 and Sabre (Below) required the movement of the Bell 206, the Halifax International Airport Map, the outside J-57 engine (which required the tires to be put back on and later removed, the T-33 fuselage, Bird dog, V-1 and several exhibit panels and or cases. The move went very smooth over 2 Sat urdays. Thanks to the members for their help and to Bob MacIlreith for the use of his truck to pull the fuselage up the hill to the main hanger.

As we finished up the T-33 cockpit move, Piercey’s arrived with the boom truck of building supplies for this win- ter’s project. We were fortunate enough to have all the supplies boomed into both buildings, saving us a lot of mov- ing. Once the boom truck was finished, both buildings were closed up for the

Newsletter Article May 2001 Operation Harvard Part 2

Operation “Harvard” Part 2

Report and Photos by: Rob MacIlreith

A further step in the Harvard Restoration was made over Easter weekend. The Harvard wings were painted at Provincial Western Star late Friday afternoon and returned to the Museum around noon on Saturday. Upon arrival the wings were installed on the Harvard. This is the first time since the Harvard’s arrival at the Museum that both wings have been on at the same time. With the installation of the wings, the look and size of the Harvard has taken on a totally new shape. Thanks to Danny McLaughlin for organizing both the transportation of the wings and their painting. Members involved include: Danny McLaughlin, Ken Brown, Pat Smith, Barry Rodenhiser, Dave McMahon, Bill Leeming and Rob MacIlreith.

Thanks to all the other members that pitched in to unload and install the wings when they arrived at the Museum. Also, thanks to Provincial Western Star for the use of their paint facility and thanks to Fraser Percy for painting the wings. Currently Crew Chief Bill Leeming and Ron Cunningham are working on the landing light covers and installing other completed components on the aircraft. Visitors to the Museum will see a much more complete Harvard, parked in a slightly different location, this year compared to last.

Eventually the restored Harvard will form the center of a British Commonwealth Air Training Plan (BCATP) exhibit at the Museum. In fact, we are currently looking for volunteers to help with the research work on the BCATP exhibit. The Museum Executive would like to see a completed exhibit in place for the 2002 Season. If you might be interested in helping with the research of this piece of history we would like to hear from you.

ACAM’s Harvard Mk II

The Atlantic Canada Aviation Museum was fortunate enough to recieve a Harvard Mk II from the Canadian Aviation Musuem, in Ottawa, on a ten year loan. While on loan to the Museum, the Harvard is to be cleaned up and restored for static display. The Harvard arrived at ACAM in the summer of 1996, courtesy of Owen Davis Trucking in Lower Sackville. The aircraft was in fair shape, however much restoration work has been done and still more is required.

A small team of members began restoration at once, beginning with the cockpit and it’s vast greenhouse canopy and proceeding on to the engine. Work proceeded on the old bird under the leadership of the late Doug Ordinal. With Doug’s passing in the summer of 2000, the role of crew chief was turned over to Bill Leeming. By Feb 2001, the fuselage was ready for painting and Operation “Harvard” was carried out

Newletter Articles March 2001 Tracker Update

John Christie has been hard at work installing some of the components that the Museum’s Tracker has been missing. These parts have been shipped to the Museum from Conair in British Columbia. The parts that ACAM received include sonobuoy tubes and instruments. Our thanks go out to Conair for their help in supplying these missing parts.