CF-101 Voodoo History

(A.K.A. The Washing Machine)

In June of 1961 the Canadian government placed an order for 56, 2 seat F-101B Voodoo fighters  plus 10 dual control F-101Fs. These aircraft were purchased to augment the failing Bomarc missiles that were purchased when the CF-105 Arrow, being manufactured by Avro, was canceled.

The first Voodoos were available to the RCAF by November of the same year. Eventually it would equip 5 squadrons (410 Cougars, 409 Nighthawk, 414 Black Knight, 416 Lynx, and 425 Alouette). These aircraft were tasked with the Defense of Canada and would play a major roll as part of NORAD.

With a maximum speed of Mach 1.85 and armed with either a pair of nuclear tipped Genie missiles and 2 infrared Falcon missiles, the Voodoo was a formidable weapon, in its day. In fact the Voodoo would be the last nuclear weapon system in Canada, a roll they did not completely give up until they were stood down by the military in 1984.

In August of 1970 an unusual deal was worked with the USAF, in which the surviving 58 CF-101s were swapped for 58 ex-USAF F-101s plus an additional 8 aircraft to replace those lost in crashes. The former Canadian aircraft were then converted to RF-101B’s by the USAF and used in the Recce roll for many years. The CF-101s were flown by the CAF for another 14 years until the entire force was replaced by the CF-18 Hornet.

CF-101s in Atlantic Canada:

CF-101 Voodoos were based at CFB Chatham in New Brunswick from November 1962 until the Voodoo phase out in December 1984. They could be armed with nuclear weapons. In fact, there were nuclear armed Genie missiles stored at CFB Chatham from April 1963 until June of 1975. After that, in times of tension or war, the 416 (Lynx Squadron) Voodoos would receive their Genies by flying to CFB Bagotville in Quebec.

Specifications for the CF-101B

  • Weight Empty 13,141 kg (28,970 lbs)
  • Take Off Weight 23,768 kg (52,400 lbs)
  • Max. Speed 1,965 km/h (1,221 mph) or Mach 1.85 at 40,000 feet
  • Max. Ceiling 54,800 feet
  • Range 2,494 km (1,550 miles)
  • Span 39 feet 8 inches
  • Length 67 feet 4 3/4 inches
  • Height 18 feet

Voodoos That Can Be Seen In Atlantic Canada:

101043 Atlantic Canada Aviation Museum (Halifax International Airport, N.S.)
101063 Shearwater Aviation Museum (CFB Shearwater, Dartmouth, N.S.)
101006 Gate Guard at the former CFB Cornwallis
[The last Voodoo to fly in the world] (Cornwallis, N.S.)
101028 Hillsboro Transportation Museum (Hillsboro, N.B.)
101053 Gate Guard at the former CFB Chatham (Mirimachi Airport, Mirimachi, N.B.)
101037 Gate Guard at the former CFB Summerside (Summerside Airport, Summerside, P.E.I.)
101003 Gate Guard CFS Goose Bay
101065 North Atlantic Aviation Museum, Gander Newfoundland.

NOTE: All of these Voodoos finished there service with 416 Lynx Squadron, with the exception of 101006 which finished its career with 414 Black Knight Squadron. As well, 101003 is painted in 410 Cougars Squadron colors.

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