Museum Notes and Progress Reports November 2000

  • Argus Sim. Restoration continues this fall. Recent progress includes: manufacture of instrument cover plates to cover holes where instruments are missing. Also, the flight engineer’s chair and observer’s chair have been reinstalled. Lastly, repainting the exterior of the sim has been completed.
  • The Bell 47-J-2 is in the process of having the bubble portion repainted. The firewall has been redone, as well as, the white and some of the red stripes have been completed s we go to press.
  • Bill Leeming is now looking after the Harvard project since Doug Ordinal’s passing. Bill is in the process of preparing the wings for painting. This includes removing the wrong numbers on the bottom of the wings and roughing up the paint for a new coat. Helping Bill has been Ron Cunningham. As well, the control surfaces have been doped and returned to the Museum. Thanks to Colin Ainsworth, who doped the fabric at his home in the Valley.
  • The Canso Crew, under the direction of Crew Chief Don Hurtle, is working on the tail and rudder section of the big aircraft. A major drive is being made on this portion of the aircraft at this time. Many parts where damaged in this section of the aircraft and have to be reworked and patched. In some cases new parts have to be fabricated.
  • Construction of a storage area has begun behind the Jetstar. This area is intended to become a major storage area for all projects and artifacts in the new hanger. The storage building has been nicknamed the “Bunker” by some of the people working on it. It is being built from the steel of the old NSPC building that has been on site for a number of years. When complete this building will allow the Museum to open a walkway behind the CF-100, Sabre and Tracker. The Aeronca C-3 has been moved to the top of the building. This move frees up more floor space in the hanger while allowing the C-3 to remain in viewable storage” until further restoration is carried out. Once the structure was painted white, it blended into the background very well, measuring 35′ x 32′ and 7 ½ feet wide in an “L” shape, it is storage that is much needed.
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