Newsletter Item September 2000 – Relocation Effort


Another major relocation of our display aircraft was carried out this summer as our members struggle to maintain the best possible layout of a developing collection within the limited confines of our buildings.

With the help of a boom truck provided by our good friends at Aqua Terra Resources Ltd. of Waverley the Ercoupe was positioned on posts fabricated by Gene Hamilton with Don Hirtle acting as overall “M/C” of the very involved, yet smoothly run process.

Many of our aircraft had to be moved to allow this to occur. The Harvard has been relocated to a much more effective location along with the repositioning of the CF-5. The V-1 and the Bell 47 J-2 projects were moved into a better location for their continuing restoration. The new location of the Harvard places it in a position for future attachment of the wings.

Members involved in the process also included: Danny Price, Barry Rodenhiser, Ken Brown, Dave McMahon, Bruce Paul, Thomas Hughes, Marcel Olsen, Bill Leeming, Dave Powell, and Rob MacIlreith. Thanks to all for another successful operation.

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