T-33 Cockpit Move Fall 2007

In late October, our team relocated the T-33 cockpit from the Silver Dart Gal lery to the MacLoon Gallery as part of the Silver Dart Gallery Renovation proj- ect. To move the cockpit to its new location with the CF-100 and Sabre (Below) required the movement of the Bell 206, the Halifax International Airport Map, the outside J-57 engine (which required the tires to be put back on and later removed, the T-33 fuselage, Bird dog, V-1 and several exhibit panels and or cases. The move went very smooth over 2 Sat urdays. Thanks to the members for their help and to Bob MacIlreith for the use of his truck to pull the fuselage up the hill to the main hanger.

As we finished up the T-33 cockpit move, Piercey’s arrived with the boom truck of building supplies for this win- ter’s project. We were fortunate enough to have all the supplies boomed into both buildings, saving us a lot of mov- ing. Once the boom truck was finished, both buildings were closed up for the

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