Chair’s Update March 2010

“I would like to start by thanking Frank for his hard work in producing our Newsletter.  It is a most valuable means of keeping all of us informed of the progress that ACAM is continuously making and pointing out where we are and where, with hard work and good fortune, we intend to go.

After a successful year, a few of us (wish there were more) are planning and preparing for the coming season. Dr John Christie is preparing an exhibit that will commemorate the seventieth anniversary of the Battle of Britain which will be the occasion for a grand opening ceremony. I hope that anyone that can make a contribution to that very worthwhile effort will come forward.

As you are all aware our relationship with the HRM Visitor Information Centre is vital to our summer visitor flow. HRM is currently conducting an analysis of the value of these centres.  We are determined to do our utmost to retain a centre at the Museum.  I anticipate some bumps along the road but we will persevere.

As you may have already noticed, our web site under the direction of Michael White has been upgraded considerably. This will be a major benefit in attracting visitors and, we hope, add to our membership. Thanks to the efforts of some very dedicated members ACAM is going from strength to strength.  I again appeal to anyone who may have some spare time to come forward. Your help is needed and it will be a worthwhile experience.”
Mike Garvey