June Museum News

The Museum opened on May 13th for the normal summer season with a change this year being the absence of the HRM Tourist Information Bureau. We again have two summer students provided through Federal and Provincial summer student employment programs. Returning are Adrienne Mirabelli and Geoff Matheson who were both so very effective for us last year. This will ensure our staffing until September 3rd. With the usual attendance of Museum volunteers on weekends we will be staffed for the full weeks of the summer season. Again this year we thank Michael White for making it possible for the Museum to be open from May 1st. On this day some 43 people visited and our thanks to other members who assisted him. If there are any members who wish to assist in guiding tours they are most welcome.

Gift Shop Manager Dave MacMahon reports that the shop is well stocked and looking forward to a busy season. Among the new features is a display of nicely prebuilt donated models that are being offered for sale. They are well displayed in several cabinets in the shop. These make fine display items. The shop also has a large supply of plastic model kits many of which are older models not easily available. There are many other items of aviation and Museum interest.