About ACAM

Mission Statement of theAtlantic Canada Aviation Museum

The Mission Statement of the Atlantic Canada Aviation Museum is:

“To maintain, develop and strengthen a permanent aviation museum in the Atlantic Provinces by researching, documenting, retrieving and restoring artifacts, objects and aircraft associated with the aviation history of the Atlantic Provinces.”

Over the years the Museum’s successful operation has evolved into a three part mandate.


The preservation and effective display of the elements of aviation history in Atlantic Canada including civilian and military aircraft, the history of notable aviation personalities and events, and related personal and technical artifacts.


The use of effective Museum displays, their availability to the public through individual visits and guided tours, and presentations on aviation related subjects by knowledgeable Museum members at schools and other education institutions all intended to create a knowledge of, and interest in, aviation related careers.

Tourism Related:

The full and effective exploitation of the museum as a significant component of Nova Scotia’s tourist attractions both as a major and as a generator of revenue to support the Museum itself.

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