Volunteer Corner

From our Newsletter June 2001

Overall the Museum facility is in fair shape. The Bathrooms are continuing to be improved by Barry Rodenhiser with new dispensers and mirrors. Changes and improvements have been made to building security as well. On June 2nd and June 16th a number of volunteers and friends or family tried to finish the painting of the Museum. A second coat of paint was applied over last year’s effort and 2 coats were applied to most of the remaining building. Unfortunately, we did not finish painting and will be looking at 1 more day of work in order to complete it.

Thomas Hughes has volunteered to mow the lawn this year. That’s a big job! Thanks Thomas. In addition, Wally Duhmas has acquired flowers for the gardens and they will have been planted by early July. Wally has made sure the Museum has an excellent garden for as long as I have been a member. Thank you Wally, you always do a great job. Ken Brown and Danny McLaughlin have been making a serious effort at improving the look of the facility with the bark chipping if the gardens and other landscaping efforts. Lastly, HRM, Tourism and the Museum have gotten together to replace some of the picnic tables at the Museum. HRM purchased 4 picnic table kits that were assembled by Thomas Hughes and then painted by the girls in Tourism.

The gift shop is well stocked with pretty much everything. Dave McMahon has been busy ordering stock and is looking forward to a successful season. The Gift Shop is also sporting a debit machine this year and it is hoped that this will further increase our sales. Stop by and make a purchase during your visit. Remember everything is tax-free and if you are a member you get 10% off with your membership card.

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